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Body Image and Self-Esteem

How you feel about your body affects your outlook on the world. Learn more about how your body image and self-concept can help -- or hinder -- your self-esteem.

A broad back, a big butt, chiseled arms -- embrace your strongest asset. Here six women reveal what they love most about their physique.

My Strong Abs

"Taking care of 200 horses keeps my abs flat and strong. No gym workout gives me the same satisfaction -- or results."
-- Haley Didier, 24, assistant ranch manager

My Strong Back

"I love my lats. They make me feel powerful in the water." -- Amanda Balding, 34, triathlete


My Strong Butt

"My strong derriere gives me the power to pull 195 pounds of hose into a fire to douse the flames."-- Jeanette Pierre, 30, firefighter

My Sculpted Arms and Shoulders

"People are shocked when I say I got these sculpted shoulders, biceps, and triceps from playing the violin."-- Christine Wu, 35, violinist

My Scar

"The scars from my knee surgery remind me what I am: athletic, competitive, and passionate." -- Renata Merino Bregstone, 39, former high school and college athlete

My Hands

"My hands are my livelihood, the way I communicate, my life force."-- Elizabeth McGrath, 40, artist

Each and every one of us has something about themselves that they are proud of, THAT is where your focus needs to be!


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