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 What do you know about Type 2 Diabetes?

 Everyone knows (or should know!) that exercise can help control diabetes…we’ve known this as far back as the Sui Dynasty in China (about 600AD). So…How does exercise exactly work to help control blood sugar?

a. Exercise improves the body’s ability to use glucose
b. When people exercise regularly the amount of insulin they need decreases
c. When you exercise you eat less
d. Aids glucose transport. Contracting muscles help stimulate the movement of glucose throughout the body.
e. All of the above
f. None of the above


It's just Elementary...

  If the answers are so easy............let's hear yours!!



Last month's puzzler was won by Robert Davies, Lexington, KY...he won a copy of the Tri for Life book!!  We had over 2200 entries last month!!  Thank you for playing......


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