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What is Lifestyle Management Therapy

All Tri For Life programs and products are essentially a success course on how to live effectively in this society...managing weight, nutrition, and exercise into the hectic daily lives we all lead.


ALL Tri For Life programs are designed to help you lose the bad habits that have been causing the weight gain and ill health patterns and replace them with successful habits that WILL help you lose weight, body fat, lower cholesterol, triglycerides, and stabilize blood sugar levels.


Tri For Life programs have achieved a 100% SUCCESS RATE through EDUCATION, SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY.



Our FREE Newsletter will introduce you to our programs with outlines, journals, nutritional and exercise protocols, guidelines for heart rate monitor use for weight loss, fitness and more!

It also includes a safe, heart healthy restaurant guide that shows you where and what you can eat to stay looking trim, & wonderfully delicious easy to prepare recipes for you and your family to enjoy.

ON-SITE FULL SUPERVISION:  Patients work 4 days/week at our facility in Phoenix, AZ. The program includes full clinical workup and evaluation with lab studies and examinations. The course stresses personal nutrition skills both at home and at restaurants, proper use of the heart rate monitor, exercise protocols and complete supervision and guidance. Health insurance reimbursement for some services is possible depending on coverage. Out of pocket costs vary depending on insurance coverage, if any.


TRI FOR LIFE RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM:  Our residential program gives you a full and concentrated emersion in our Lifestyle Management program.  You will stay at the luxurious, world class, Phoenix Ritz Carlton Hotel, and receive spa treatments to unwind from your busy days with Dr. Dean, as you watch the weight fall off and your new lifestyle take hold.  Stays range from 1 week to 2 months, and include personal follow up after you leave us.  Imagine vacationing at a world class destination, working on true lifestyle change, losing weight AND escaping your normal routine to focus on YOU!  Out of pocket costs vary depending on insurance coverage.  Click here for further information


ON-SITE/OFF SITE 14 WEEK PROGRAM W/LIMITED SUPERVISION: In this program patients will work 4 days/week either at our facility or theirs and spend anywhere from one to four days/week under direct supervision. The program includes full clinical workup and evaluation with lab studies (additional fee) and examinations. The same fundamental core course as the fully supervised program but with more independent work. Some health insurance reimbursement is possible. Out of pocket costs dependent on insurance coverage, if any.

CORPORATE WELLNESS BENEFITS PACKAGE:  Now you can bring Tri for Life 'On site' at your company, for your employees!  Let us develop a complete benefits package for your company.  We can improve the health of your work force, which will yield fewer sick days, increased productivity and reduced health insurance premiums from decreased utilization and claims made.  Call today, or have your HR staff contact us and let us design and implement a package that will take your company and employee's health into the 21st century. Read how Lifestyle Management Therapy can help your company.


TRI FOR LIFE BASIC:  Tri for Life Basic is designed as a 1 month kick start program to get you and your health on the right track.  It includes a consultation/examination with the doctor.  We analyze your body composition, take measurements, establish baselines and goals, outline a personalized nutrition and exercise plan and give you the tools to make it happen.  Three additional weekly follow up appointments are part of the program.  Unlimited phone and email support included.  Lose up to 20 pounds!  Only $250!


WEB BASED TRI FOR LIFE:  By using the latest technology, you can work towards success in our 'virtual office', anywhere and anytime.  Web based Tri for Life has you covered, using Polar downloadable heart rate monitors, email and Skype, you will be successful!  We have successfully helped patients from all over the world with this program.  We can help you too!!


LIMITED CONSULTING PROGRAM:  This program is designed for the budget conscious.  Participants sign up for one year.  They receive the program and guidance and one monthly consult where exercise data, nutritional journals and weight with numbers are performed, analyzed and recommendations are made.  This can be either on-site or web based.

$25/Week (Guaranteed with credit card) + Heart Rate Monitor and Book


LASER LIPOSUCTION:  Painless fat loss is here!  Through advances in science, painless, minimal effort fat loss is available!  As an adjunct to our regular weight loss, or as a stand alone solution, the Photonica Professional is the state of the art solution to body shaping and fat loss.  Call us to find about our new patient specials.  HOW DOES IT WORK


Tri for Life KIDS!! Sometimes it's tough being a kid, especially if you are having weight

problems.  As special as your kids are, we have the experience and expertise to give your kids

the real tools to make it through their lives in better health, and looking and feeling great!

Call for summer specials!!


CHIROPRACTIC CARE.  Clinic Director, Dr. Dean, is a Sports Chiropractor.  We offer a full range of Chiropractic structural and rehabilitative health care, whether or not you are involved in our weight loss program.  Many overweight and obese patients find it difficult to exercise because of pain.  Many times Chiropractic Care can help reduce or eliminate that pain, so that you are able to strive towards your health goals.  We treat accidents, spinal and extremity injuries as well chronic pain problems.


MASSAGE THERAPY.  As a part of a healthy lifestyle program, and taking care of your body, receiving regular massage therapy will enhance whatever Tri for Life program you are on.  The massage therapists at Tri for Life are proficient at many techniques.  We have staff available for Swedish, deep tissue, sports, Shiatsu, cranial-sacral among others.  Our therapists are trained to recognize your problems, and under the direction of Dr. Dean, get to the cause and eliminate or reduce the problem so you can improve your health.  Find out more on our Massage Therapy page





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