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Exercise and Mental Health


10 Skin Cancer Mistakes


6 Ways to Reverse Bad Diet Decisions


The Best Pre-Workout Foods


11 Ways to Burn More Calories


How to Cure Your Food Addictions


2014 Shoe Review


Lose 2 Pounds This Week!


10 Foods the Boost Your Libido (and 3 that kill it)


15 Ways to Eat Healthy


10 Exotic Superfoods


Winterize Your Run


Waist Management


Rehab Your Bad Habits


Size Matters:  Your Portion Control Guide


Easy Lunches to Lose Weight


10 Foods Never to Eat


10 Best Foods for Flat Abs


10 Best and Worst Foods for Sleep


Go Green!


8 Worst Appetizers in America


10 Healthiest Foods on the Planet


Strategies to Lose Fat and Keep it Off 


5 Most Common Running Injuries and How to Fix Them


New Fitness Rules


8 Routine Rut Busters


Tech Support


6 Fat Fighting Superfoods


10 Health Benefits of Having Sex


The Truth About Common Nutritional Myths


Know Your Greens


Eat Out and Lose Weight


Sleep Rules


How to Raise Your HDL Cholesterol


Snacks the Fight Fat


Easy Ways to Burn More Fat


Five Ways to Improve Your Memory


Avoid these Foods to Get Rid of Migraines.


Low Glycemic Diet


78 Ways to Cut Fat Calories from Your Diet


Tips to keep Produce Fresh


Healthy Food Shopping List


5 Diet Busting Foods You Should Never Eat


5 Minutes to Better Sex


Skinny Up Your Weekend  Learn how to recognize and bypass these common weekend landmines.


Measure your Hip to Waist Ratio to Help determine your health status


10 Habits that are Making You Fat!  See if your habits are making you fat


10 Tips for Weight Loss Success!  Try my top 10 tips to get where you need to be.


Building a Solid Core:  One of the foundations of any fitness program should be core work.  We have a great way for you to develop a rock solid foundation.


Healthy BBQ Makeover:  Typical BBQ fair is the staple of many summer nutrition programs.  Normally loaded with fat and high calories, these can sabotage your healthy lifestyle attempts. Never fear!  There are solutions.  Check them out...


Fifteen Foods That Fire Up Your Metabolism: The shortcut to losing weight? Fast food. Not the bad kind, but rather, edible amphetamines foods that act like speed for the fat-melting motor known as our metabolism.


Eating Out Healthy: Just because you're making the effort to be healthy, it doesn't mean that eating out or ordering takeaway food are off the menu. We'll reveal the best food selections in loads of different eateries - but first, here's our 8-step guide to dining out.


A Healthier Body: You know you need vitamins for good health, but which ones and how much? Here's a rundown of the most important vitamins and minerals.


Landmines in the Grocery Store: Knowing what is what in your grocery cart can save you fat, calories, and even money.Do you know what you're really putting into your cart at the grocery store? Need to lighten the fat, calorie, or carb load in your buggy? Are foods really "smart?" TFL takes a closer look.


Learning Portion Awareness: A new study confirms that people have difficulty judging how much food they eat. This can pose a problem since excessive amounts of food are frequently available to us. Ideally, our internal hunger signals would guide us to eat just the right amount of food for our needs.


Instant Fitness: Can you really shape up in just minutes a day? A quick workout routine - or simple lifestyle changes -- may fit your goals.


Killer Core Work:  Use this great routine to kick those abs into gear!!


Exercise Q & A: To work out more effectively and get faster, safer results, you need to the right answers to your fitness questions. I constantly get emails requesting information on exercise, heart rate monitor use, how to get started, etc... Below are five of the most frequently answered questions.



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