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 Massage Therapy

At Tri for Life, we believe that it is critical to look at the entire body as a key stone to our patient's health.  Incorporating massage into our Lifestyle Management programs as an adjunct therapy has consistently shown over time to help our patient's bodies as well as their minds function at their peak.


Along with the Education, Support and Accountability, the Tri for Life program brings you, we have found that addressing the Body, Mind and Soul through well trained massage therapists will enhance your results.


Our massage therapists, under the direction of Dr. Dean will be able to source your problems and enhance your performance.  Our therapists are experienced in sports, deep tissue, Swedish, reflexology, Shiatsu, among other techniques.  We feature both indoor and outdoor massages, in our spa environment, which can be combined with our Lifestyle Management programs or booked individually if you choose.  Your first appointment includes a consultation and assessment with Dr. Dean.  Click here to schedule 


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