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Lifestyle Management Therapy

What is LMT?

Lifestyle Management Therapy is the comprehensive approach to making effective, life long changes to our patient's lives and health status.  By utilizing an individual, caring, one on one approach, Tri for Life effectively develops and takes the doctor-patient relationship to a new level.  This makes you and your Tri for Life physician, partners in your health, not just another number.

How We Implement LMT

Each and every patient is different.  That phrase could be considered the hallmark of LMT.  While it is a fact that we are all human beings, and that our bodies essentially work in a similar fashion, we all bring different life experiences, stresses, habits and challenges to the table.  Tri for Life, through personal interaction, examinations, testing, experience and relationship development, establishes a baseline, and develops a program  that WILL work for each person to achieve optimum health.

What Goals Can be Expected with LMT

With Tri for Life's LMT, each patient can expect to work towards effective weight management, decreased cholesterol levels, decreased blood pressure, reversal and control of Type 2 diabetes, increased fitness levels, increased overall wellness, and increased self esteem. 

Corporate LMT Goals

From a corporate perspective, incorporating Tri for Life as your health partner, in addition to the above benefits for your employees, you can expect your employees to take less sick time, be more productive and as a result, reduce your health care costs due to decreased utilization.

What is involved with LMT

On the surface LMT looks like old fashioned exercise and nutrition, it actually goes so much farther.  First and foremost is our commitment to you.  We always tell our patients, that We are more committed to your health than you are.  That may sound trite, but it is a fact.  Without our doctor's commitment level, the chances of long term success is greatly reduced.  Anyone can show you how to lose weight in the short term.  Our object is to make sure that you don't 'find' the weight that you have lost... for life!  We also don't want you to lose the other health gains that you will make.  Through education, support and accountability, we will take you from where you are, to where you want to be.  Sometimes it is a short journey, and for others it is a longer quest.  It doesn't matter which one it is to us.  We keep our "eye on the ball", and bring you along, where ever your commitment and health level is at the start.

How We Implement LMT

Every patient starts out with an examination and an in depth consultation. 

The lost art of the doctor/patient consultation allows us to really understand each patient as an individual.

Our examination involves vital signs, blood pressure, weight, body fat, structural assessment, fitness assessment, ECG and lab studies when needed.  We also customize each patient's heart rate monitor at this time, with very specific heart rates that keep each person safe, as well as allowing them to safely and effectively lose more body fat.

With that information we can get things started.  The education component uses Dr. Micalizio's Tri for Life book as a starting point.  Chapters are assigned, and initial nutrition instructions for journaling are given, and exercise started.

Effective Follow up and Follow through

We feel that the more we interact with a patient, the greater their chances for results and effective, long term, lifestyle changing results.  We have developed these processes over the past 8 years, with over 1500 patients, and over a 95% success rate.

With this in mind, we try to work with each person multiple times per week, designing, implementing, tweaking, and analyzing  each person.  We work with each individual's lifestyle challenges over the course of time to make effective changes.  Our support component comes from our relationship with the patient, as well as the relationships that each patient develops with other people involved in the Tri for Life program.

We lastly make you accountable.  First to us, and then more importantly, to you.  Our nutrition component utilizes effective journaling and our exercise component utilizes downloadable heart rate monitors that creates a calendar of activity  .  Between these two components, tied together with our analysis, examinations and consultations, we create a picture and a path for our patient's to succeed and get control of their individual health, for the long run.

How to Get Started...

Whether you are an individual, or part of your company's HR team, give us a call at 602-358-8883, or send Dr. Dean an email at DrDean@triforlife.net




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