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260 lbs


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215 lbs

Success Stories: JEFF

Dear Dr. Dean,

I was 33 years-old and I was watching myself turn into my father.  My weight had grown to 265 pounds, my blood pressure was becoming dangerously high and my cholesterol was through the roof.  My dad has all of that, plus the complications of type 2 diabetes.  I thought that was my future and it was bleak.

I had never really thought of myself as fat until I caught a glimpse of myself getting out of the shower and I was not happy with what the mirror was telling me.  I had been an athlete my whole life.  What was happening!

I started Tri for Life and they told me (after a thorough history, and examination), that they thought my life needed a 'lifestyle overhaul', and that my future didn't have to be like my dad.  I was skeptical, but what he said seemed to make sense.

I started the program and was amazed at how easy it was to make the changes.  The food cravings that I had all my life faded as my body was being fueled better.  Using the heart rate monitor kept me safe and kept me honest with myself and the program.

It took me about 6 months to lose almost 50 pounds.  My blood pressure is normal and so is my cholesterol, and I have no diabetes worries.  I feel so good, that I have started to compete in triathlons.  I even won my age group this spring.  I never thought that would have been possible before Tri-for-Life.  Tri-for-Life has helped me make permanent change as the weight has been off for almost 3 years.

Thank you Tri for Life for changing my life.

Jeff                                    See Jeff's Video Testimonial

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