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What is Lifestyle Management Therapy?                                    

 Radio Archives

By popular request we are placing some select shows from the vast Tri for Life archives!  Just another way for you to 'flitter away some perfectly good hours'.... and pick up some great information to boot, plus your calls and more fun than should be legal!

Enjoy......... Dr Dean

Diet Pills and Myths.  Lifestyle changes YOU can make.  Proper heart rate monitor use.

Kids and Carbs  Kids and carbs... the real deal.  How much water do we need.  Immune system boost

Diabesity  The medical world has a 'new disease'.  We also talk about how to  beat childhood obesity

A New Year's Special!  Start the New Year off right with Dr Dean and the crew

Maintaining the Healthy Lifestyle  Having trouble maintaining the healthy lifestyle?  Listen up.

Childhood Obesity  Dr Dean looks at the childhood obesity problem.

The Stats Show  Join Dr Dean in a look at the real stats, and 11 foods that will help you lose weight.

Valentine's Love Fest!  Feel The Love from Dr. Dean, Kathleen "Little Hottie", and Chet

Thanksgiving Special!  A fun Holiday Special.

When is a Carb NOT a Carb.  The 'skinny' on diet pills, and more!

Obesity and Pregnancy  We give the real scoop on obesity and pregnancy and what you can do... NOW!

Superfoods!  Learn which ones are the superstars!  We also analyze fast food chain McDonalds and show you how to 'Do us for Free'!

Nutrition Strategies that WIN!  We also talk about salads, weight loss pills and the benefits of sleep.

45 Top Nutrition Tips.  If nutrition is a challenge, here are my 45 top tips.

A Tri for Life Holiday Special!  Join Chet, Kathleen 'little hottie' and yours truly for some Holiday Cheer!

5 Easy Ways  This episode focuses on ways to maintain healthy lifestyles

Beating Boredom  How to fight boredom.  What are transfats.  Arthritis and exercise

Burger King Nutrition  BK Nutrition, Why you can't lose weight, and boosting your immune system

Exercise Prescription  Exercise prescription for weight loss.  FDA guide lines for fish and mercury

Hope for the Lazy  Small changes make a big difference.  TFL Challenge Update

Stop back often, as we are always adding more of your favorites...

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