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The Latest News on Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Management



Homing in on the Source of the Runner's High


Rethinking Exercise as a Source of Immediate Rewards


Simple Rules for Healthy Eating


5 Reasons Fit Women are Better in Bed


Belly Fat Tied to Sudden Cardiac Death


The Scientific 7-Minute Workout!


An Hour per Day of Physical Activity Helps Kids Think Better


Early, Frequent Antibiotic Use Linked to Childhood Obesity


Navigating Fitness Fads Can Be Confusing


How Exercise Helps Us Tolerate Pain


The Hidden Benefits of Exercise


Study of Organic Crops Finds Fewer Pesticides and More Anti-Oxidants


Air Force 1.  No Lightening Up on Burgers and Cake


Low Vitamin D Tied to Premature Death


Early Fitness Can Improve the Middle Aged Brain


Are All Calories Equal?


Migraines Show a Link to Gluten in Some Cases


Tempting Foods Make a Promise They Can't Deliver


Exercise for Healthier Eyes


Exercises to Strengthen Bones


What Running Can Do For Your Heart


Your Energy Makeover


Body Image and Self Esteem


What's in a Protein Bar


Burn More Calories in Less Time


You Are What You Eat


What is Your Fitness Age


Stronger Than Ever:  Be Your Healthiest at Any Age


Some Fruits are Better Than Others


How Exercise Can Help You Learn


How to Stick to Your Goals


Exercise Can Alter Your DNA!


3 Short Workouts or 1 Long?


A Popular Myth About Running Injuries


The Most Dangerous Fitness Advice


Is it Better to Walk or Run?


Food as Medicine?


How to Succeed When You Fail


Lost Sleep Can Lead to Weight Gain


When Exercise Stresses You Out


Mediterranean Diet Shown to Ward Off Heart Attacks


Achieve Your Goals: Sticking to Resolutions


How Healthy are You?  Ten Easy Self-Checks


Natural Pain Relievers


How Drinking Coffee Could Improve Your Health


Weekend Proof Your Weight Loss


Last Longer in Bed


The Best Stress Reliever


For Young Athletes, a Good Reason to Stop the Fast Food Habit


Good Fats, Bad Fats... Learn the Difference and Lose Weight


Eating Whole Egg as Dangerous as Smoking


We Burn Energy Like Hunter-Gatherers... So Why Are We So Fat?


The 10-Minute Workout, Times Three


It's Not Just How Many Calories, but What Kind


Choosing a Sugar Substitute


First Trial for Parkinson's disease vaccine


Commuting Raised Blood Pressure, Increases Obesity


How Exercise Can Jog the Memory


Obesity Adds $190 Billion in Health Care Costs


Improving Posture... and the look of abs


Weight Loss Study


Getting Fat, But Staying Fit?


Why it's Important to Keep Moving


Risks:  More Red Meat, More Mortality


The Chocolate Diet!  Huh?


Runners Gear for Better Health and Fitness


How to Have a Healthy Heart.... for Life!


1/3 of Patients Told by Doctors to Exercise


The Better Sex Workout  Get 'buff' for the bedroom!


Workouts May Not Be the Best Time to Snack


Use Exercise as Your Body's Housecleaning  Here's some more reasons why you need exercise


Getting the Family Involved Helps Kid Lose Weight


Boosting Mental Fitness in Middle Age  How to avoid mental decline as we age


When Loved Ones Need to Change  Problem: Your spouse and kids need to change but won't.  Solution...


The Year in Fitness 2011  There was more research that showed the positive effects of exercise in 2011


There IS Time to Exercise!  Do you think you don't have time?  Well, think again.


Symptoms of Heart Disease Can Show Up in the Eyes  Look to the eyes for signs of heart disease


Swim Lessons Aren't Just for Kids Anymore  Think you are too old for swim lessons... think again!


Staying Fit When Being Fat Runs in the Family  Are you destined to be fat because your family is?


Could it be Old Age or a B12 Deficiency?  Can B12 help cognitive disorders?


Heart Rate Monitors Fine Tune Player's Fitness  College catches on to what we have been preaching at Tri for Life


Mountains for Some.  Molehills for Others.  Do YOU need to reduce your salt intake?


Want a Superhero Physique?  Here's how it's done.  Want to look like Thor, or Superman?


What Berries Can Do for You  Berries are nutritional powerhouses, that shouldn't be overlooked


The Once and Future Way to Run  Is there anything to barefoot running?  Some people think so...


Be a Good Household Nutrition Director  He who does the shopping rules!


Swapping Girl's Night for a Workout  As more people take on healthy lifestyles, Girl's Night changes up


Fitting Exercise Between Math and English  As our kids become obese, some schools have an answer


You are Only as Old as You Run  Think you are too old to run?  Read this...


A Safer Shoulder Workout  Is your shoulder workout doing more harm than good?


The Hazards of the Couch  And you thought working out was dangerous!


A Little Deception Helps Push Athletes  An interesting experiment shows how to be your best


Keeping Themselves Fit for Going to the Rescue  Do you want to be a life guard... or just look like one?


School Districts Rediscover Value from Scratch Meals  Sometimes a step forward requires a step back


Global Obesity Rates Double in Last 30 Years


McDonald's Trims its Happy Meals  McDonald's is doing its job to help with childhood obesity


Weight Loss Improves Sex for Diabetic Men  Just a small amount of weight loss can help get 'things' going!


To Heal a Heart, Train Harder!  Recovering from a cardiac event?


Your Fat Burning Routine  Want to burn more fat?  Use these tips to shake things up!


3 Myths that May be keeping you from Losing Weight.   The keys just might be here!


Eating Breakfast to Stay Slim.  Mom always said that breakfast was the most important meal.


Can Shoes Really Tone the Body?  Do those 'toning' shoes really work?


Muscle Drink with HMB Targets the Middle Age.  Can a new drink help maintain and grow muscle?  Find out.


When Running up Mileage, 10% isn't the Cap  How true is the 10% rule for running?


Your Dog is Watching You!  What are you teaching your dog........ without even trying!


On Your Mark, Get Set, Measure Heart Health!  How fast can you run a mile?  It could be a predictor of heart health.


Adding food and Subtracting Calories!  Think it can't be done, check it out!


Foods with Benefits, or so they say!  They claim everything.  Is it true?


Putting your doctor, or a whole team, on retainer  As socialized medicine threatens quality, doctors have an answer


Why exercise alone doesn't lead to weight loss  Here's the scoop on how to get it off and keep it off


If you are fit, you can take it easy  Maintaining fitness might be easier than you think, but you have to get there first! 


Does exercise really boost your mood?  Research supports that exercise improves more and more about you!


Fewer healthy habits for young mothers   Study shows poor habits in young mothers


Sensitive Subject:  How to Address Weight Loss with Loved Ones


Best Cities for Men 2010.  Men's Health is at it again.  Let's take a look at the top 20 for 2010


20 Ways to Raise a Healthier Kid  Our kids are not healthy.  Here's 20 ways to change things.


Low Glycemic Index Dies Can be Confusing.  Let's clear up the glycemic index.


Basking in the Afterglow of Exercise!  Is there anything to an exercise high?  Find out now!


Healthy Eating Tips for Holiday Parties and Dinners.  Here's your Holiday Survival Guide!


Omega-3's in Seafood May Prevent Macular Degeneration You can see clearly now!


Obesity Rates Keep Rising!  As obesity rates rise, statistics show that many needs help.


It's Time for Recess  When is it good to exercise?  Let's find out.


Women's Work Stress... and Your Heart.  Are You at Risk?  Work stress, men and heart attacks isn't just for guys anymore


Are Your Kids Getting Enough Vegetables?  The answer may surprise you...


How Good is Swimming?  How good is swimming.... find out in this latest study.


Up Against the Wall for Core Strength: A simple core exercise that will put you on the road to great abs


A Workout for Your Bloodstream:  Latest research points to fat burning abilities of those who exercise.


Study:  10 Minutes of Exercise, hour long effectsCheck out the latest study of the long term effects of exercise


Sport Specific Approach to Strength Training:  Are you getting serious about fitness.  Here are some strength training hints.


Smash Your Biceps!: This is the muscle group that tells the world you work out. Here's some great routines


Obesity's Role in Cancer: It may not cause cancer, but studies show a link...


Form Matters: Try these great workouts for toning and strength


In the Obesity Epidemic... What's one cookie? The basic formula of losing weight sounds easy.. 3500 calories=1 pound of fat... but is that really all there is?  Find out.


2009 Fattest Cities in America  Where did your city fall.  Click to find out


2009 Fittest Cities in America  Is your city fit?  Check out the latest results


Rational or Emotional: Your Brain on Food:  How does your brain react to food AFTER you lose weight?


  How Revving Up Your Heart Pays Off:  Learn about the benefits of raising your heart rate.


  A Makeover for Food Labels: Learn how to make the new food labels work for you!





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