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John B. started at 400 pounds.  Lost 100, and is more than half way home!

Half Way There...

Whenever I step out my front door to go on one of my little 5K jaunts, I typically take one of two routes: either I circle my block 11 times (boring... but I am never more than 2 1/2 minutes from my house), or I run just over 1.5 miles to a certain point, then turn around and run back.  I've taken these routes so many times now, I can practically run with my eyes shut.  I know just where I need to swerve to avoid the overgrown bushes.  I know which cracks to be leery of, and I know the places I have to duck.  But more than this; I know whch row of houses marks the 1/2 mile mark.  Which street corner marks the 3/4 mile mark.  I knw that the canal is the 1 mile mark, but more important of all... I know which point marks the halfway point... my turn around point.

Second only to finishing a run is reaching the halfway point.  During the first half of a run, every step I take puts me that much further from my home; however, once I have reached that mid point, every step gets me closer to where I want to be.  The first half is measured by how far you've gone.  The second half by how much you have left.

Eighteen months ago I was just starting out.  I was nearly 400 pounds.  I had all but resigned myself to the idea that I was never going to get an better.  That I was never going to lose all that extra weight.  I had no confidence.

When I first started changing my life style... exercising and eating right, everything was new to me.  I often imagined I looked like a toddler just barely learning to walk; every step awkward, frightening, and yet OH so exciting!  Before I knew it, I dropped  30 lbs, then 40 lbs, then 60 lbs.  I discovered a confirence that I never knew existed.  I also discovered that I enjoyed exercise.  I actually enjoy running!  I never could have imagined such a thing.  Running used to be the thing I dreaded most during high school.

It turns out I enjoy exercise so much that I missed the halfway point (as far as weight is concerned) on this journey of mine... blew right by it on the scale.  The hardest part is behind me.  I'm on my way back home to where I want to be.  The second half is the best part!


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