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Dr Dean's Daily Health Tips

We are working with national radio networks to get our information out in the form of Daily Health Tips.  You can currently hear me in various markets around the country.  Check back regularly. as I will be adding these all the time, and if you have a subject that you would like covered, send over an email.

Smart Meal Timing

Part Time Vegetarian


Before and After


Skin Cancer Mistakes

Instant Exercise Benefits


Food Cure

Reverse Bad Diet Choices

Common Missed Diagnoses 

Grocery Superfoods

Nut Butters

Mom Superfoods

Resist Junk Foods

Workout Cravings

New Restaurant Rules

Fix Back Pain

Before and After

Skin Super Foods

Walk Fixes

Eat for Sleep

Healthy Habits that Drain You

Sleep Facts

Secrets of Super Sexy Couples

Reach Any Goal

Exotic Superfoods

Salad Do's and Don'ts

Superfood Combos


Holiday Snacks

Positive Exercise Effects


Out of Control

Unhealthy Diets

Healthy Sabotage

Home Slim Home

Portion Control

Sweat Helps

Skinny Foods

Flat Abs Foods

Fast Food Picks

Eat Out Survival

Self Sabotage

Decrease Bloat

Sticking to Goals


Stretching Myths

Best Breakfast Bars

Break Bad Habits

Stress Management


Go Green

Energy Fix

Harmful Shortcuts

Energy Nutrition

Healthiest Foods

Foods Never to Eat

Reasons You Aren't Losing

Superfood Combos

Food Longevity


Missed Diagnosis 

Heart Healthy Food

Fat Strategies

Common Knee Injuries

Tri Basics

Essential Snacks

New Fitness Rules

No Guilt Cocolate


Germ Spots

Nutrition Myths


Tech Support

Protein Prescription

Fat Fighting Superfoods

Gym Myths

Lower Blood Pressure Foods

Rookie Mistakes

No Phone!

Fit Dates

Get Unplugged

Good Sex

Strange Snacks

Eat Out and Lose Weight!

Hidden Health Habits

Positive Cheating Strategies

Stick to it

Stick to Your Workout

Holiday Success

On the Go

Weekend Proof Your Diet

Save 100!

Winter Proof Your Skin

Coffee Health

Great Sleep

Know Your Greens

Be a Morning Person

Nutrition Label Tricks

Healthy Skin Diet

3 Nutrients






Be Happy

Cut Calories

Healthy Eating

Smart Eating

Stress Solution

Workout Time

Artificial Sweeteners

Baby Weight

NSAID Hearing

Slicing Satisfaction

Raise HDL


Bad Fat Good Fat

Snacks that Fight Fat

Does the Boss Hate You

Burn More FatI

Improve Your Doctor Visit

Improve Your Memory

Music Relieves Pain

Truth is Healthy

Memory Resting


Vitamin D


Salty Foods


Say NO to Free Food


Super Salads

Heart Healthy

Waist Size

Love Cardio

Thin Strategies

Adding Years

Glycemic Load

Flat Belly Tricks

Happy Eating

Pain Never to Ignore

BBQ Survival

Ways to Cut Fat

Gym Mistakes

Lean Genes

Too Old for Kids


Workout Reason

Farmer's Market Tips

Kick the Soda Habit

Fruit and Vegetable Tips

Keeping Foods Fresh

Youthful Healthstyles

Healthy Asian Choices

Lose that Belly

Natural Beauty

Restaurant Ordering


Health on a Budget

Bye Bye Belly

Chronic Pain Myths

Healthy Fruit

Anti Arthritis Food

Good Fat, Bad Fat

Diet Crutch

Lets Sleep

Kick It


Diabetic Diet

Eat Slowly


Knee Pain

Metabolism Boost


Staying Young

Snacking Success

Lean Belly Restaurant Rules

Fun Heart Health

Your Heart and Exercise

Kids and Fitness

Improve Your Sex Drive

Importance of Sleep

What is Fitness

Weight Loss Sabotage

Is Red Meat Healthy

Paleo Puzzle

How to Eat Less

How to Avoid Late Night Snacks

Super Slim Foods

Go Organic

Good Fat/Bad Fat

Avoid Heart Disease

Beat Jet Lag

Prevent Breast Cancer

Sip or Skip

Metabolism Boosters

Food Facts and Fiction

Healthy Fast Food

Your Job & Your Heart

Self Esteem

No Back Pain

Diet Busters

What's Hot and What's Not

Beat the Plateau

High Cholesterol

How Much Exercise

PMS Busters

Strong Bones

Revved Up Romps

Weekend Landmines

Get a Better Body

Family Life

New Super Foods

Food Lies

Cell Debris

Eat These

Gluten Free

High Fructose Corn Sweetener

Keeping Secrets

Building Good Habits

Beating Childhood Obesity

Worst Restaurant Food

Supermarket Tips

Eating Out


Healthy Relationships

Pancreatic Health


Superfoods and Cancer

Obesity and Cancer

New Years Habits

Real Change


Get Busy

Heart Healthy Foods

Portion Size

Night Time Eating

Know Your History 

Take Out Lunches

Stairs vs Elevator

Exercise Roadblocks

Active Lifestyle

6 Exercise Benefits

Vitamin B12

Canine PTSD

Obesity Questions for You Doctor

On Track Holidays

Seasonal Giving

Beating the Obesity Gene

Cold Weather and Heart Attacks

Cheese & Butter

High Blood Pressure and Mental Decline


Healthy Holidays

Holiday Diet Etiquette

Holiday Food Safety

Eating Out Survival

Mind Games

Make Sure You Eat Enough

Are You Eating Too Much

Carb Confusion

Nutrition Mistake

50 is the New 20

Hip to Waist Ratio

Why Supersize?

How to Avoid Road Rage

Diets vs Nutrition

Cars to Avoid

Cut the Fat

Stress and Obesity

Still Hungry?

Don't Starve Youself

Poverty and Obesity

Women's Heart Attack Signs

Changing Your Diet

Heart Health

Carbs?  Good or Bad?

Eating Healthy with a Hectic Schedule

Habits that are Making You Fat: 1

Habits that are Making You Fat: 2

Habits that are Making You Fat: 3

Why are Strokes Happening to Younger People 

Eating at the Movies

Can Eating Just One Lite Meal Help

What Can an Apple a Day Really Do

To Shampoo or Not


Exercise and Ageing

The Truth About Colonics

Smart Snacking

Dangerous Fad Diets


Relieving Anxiety

Memory Boosting


Energy Boost

Learning Portion Awareness

Low Glycemic Diets  

Weight Loss Goals

Young Mothers Have Poor Habits

Quick Workouts

Blood Stream Workouts

Obesity and Cancer

Addressing Weight Loss with Friends and Family

10 Commandments of Weight Loss

See Red When Thinking Super Fruit

Is Your Credit Card Making You Fat?

The 300 Calorie Secret for Weight Maintenance

Benefits of Regular Exercise

Safe Summer Tips

Healthy Travel Tips

Watch What You Drink

Reduce Blood Sugar Naturally1

Reduce Blood Sugar Natuarally2

Restaurant Meals to Avoid1

Restaurant Meals to Avoid2

Stop Worrying!

Stop Procrastinating!

Quick Stress Relief

Protect Your Heart

Banishing Bad Moods

3 Ways to Improve Fitness

Healthy Shortcuts

Secrets of the Slender!

Breaking Bad Eating Habits

Scary Food Facts


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