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Lifestyle Management Therapy                                      

Darrin Dennis, Phoenix, AZ


                                                Size 44's  324 pounds      Size 36 and very loose! 233 pounds
                                             Size 2XL shirts 18" neck              Size LG

I came to Tri for Life for chiropractic care on my sore back only to find out my weight was the cause of the pain. My Family practice Dr had just done a physical and told me to change my life or else. My bp was too high, my cholesterol was too high , I was headed towards real cardiovascular trouble and some really tough choices like plavix.

My poor health made scuba diving risky and I couldn't even walk upstairs without being winded.
A year later all kinds of health problems have gone away.  I didn't diet but instead Dr Dean worked with me to build a  lifestyle comprised of good nutritional choices, exercise, and precepts that made it seem easy and not like work.  I was in San Francisco recently and It was great to be able to jog up those hills on Market street and not loose my breath. People who know me can't believe I'm almost 41. I'm getting younger every day.  Thanks to Tri for Life for giving my life fullness again.
Darrin Dennis

Darrin's cholesterol was dangerously high, as was his blood pressure, when he started Lifestyle Management Therapy.  His cholesterol and blood pressure are now normal!  What he has done is another example of what extraordinary things ordinary people are capable of, with the right guidance.  Give us a call and let's see what you are capable of!  


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