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 We have the system of Lifestyle management, accountability and support that has helped 1500+ people regain their health and manage their weight and lifestyles.  Now we are ready to grow and help you to help others and grow a profitable business.

Business Opportunities

You may be retired, a housewife or a student  just looking for a part-time side income.  If you are a health care or fitness professional that wants to maximize their practice...doubling, tripling or more your practice's income...

Tri for Life Business Systems can help you realize your dreams.

We also have opportunities for investors!


More than 200 million Americans, or 66% of the population are overweight or obese.  Almost 1/2 of the population in Europe is in the same situation.  It's not getting better.  It's only getting worse.  Wherever you may live, the market is limitless and knows no boundaries.  Americans spend $2 Billion USD/year on weight loss programs that don't work.

                                                          Tri for Life 


Think about this.........

**If you are a health care professional, does your practice service more than 50% of the population?  Probably not.  With Tri for Life you can expand your professional reach beyond what you thought possible.  Could you benefit by being part of a growing national group of dedicated providers while remaining independent, having a unique product with little or zero competition?  With a proven professional advertising program to drive people to your door, Tri for Life is unmatched in the marketplace. 

**If you are a fitness professional would your clients benefit by working with a nationally growing program with physician guidance and support?

**Are you a motivated lay person who may be trying to lose weight?  Do you enjoy helping others?  Do you want your own business?

Would you like to be part of a fast moving national group of physicians, fitness professionals and entrepreneurs?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then contact us for more information...or Take a look at the Business Plan


Tri for Life is on the leading edge of weight management through Lifestyle modification therapy.  With over 1500+ success stories you can use our system to help yourself and others, and develop a substantial income in the process!



Meet Dr. Dean Micalizio, DC

Founder of the Tri For Life program.


"This program has been developed through personal experience with my own weight and fitness, as well as clinical trials in my practice of 20 years."


"We can only help so many people by ourselves.  We have the answers to the obesity crisis, and now we are actively recruiting qualified professionals and individuals to join our team.  If you qualify we will work with you and guide you in our system so that you to can help yourself and others."

Dr. Deans Story!




We have achieved a 100% success rate in our clinical setting.

If you have failed at other programs…you WON’T fail with us. We just won’t let you!

"Dr. Dean's scientific approach to exercise and nutrition saved my life. I was 150 pounds overweight with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. My doctor told me I was going to die if I didn't lose the weight, but he didn't tell me what to do. With Dr. Dean and Tri For Life, I have lost 50 pounds so far, my BP has returned to normal, my cholesterol is down, and my glucose has returned to normal. As a result I am of the meds. I still have a ways to go, but, without Dr. Dean, who knows where I would be now."  Tom

"Tri For Life not only gave me a new body, but it gave me a new life! I have lost 60 lbs."  Jeff Read Jeff's Story

"Tri For Life helped me to lose 137 lbs and gave me the skills to keep it off for life! It has been almost a year since I have lost the weight and I haven't gained anything back, and I just keep feeling better and better!"  Lisa Read Lisa's Story

"I was in a rut. My weight kept going up and up and I didn't know what to do. The Tri For Life team supported and showed me where I was going wrong. I lost almost 40 lbs and I haven't looked back! Thanks Dr. Dean and Kathleen."  Heather



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