TRI FOR LIFE ... The Book!

The Complete 100% successful TFL weight loss and lifestyle program and guide!


Dr Dean’s 29 years of successful health and fitness Lifestyle Practice in one source!


The Tri-for-Life book is the “Real Deal”! No gimmicks. No quick fix promises. Just real, honest guidance and education that will help take you from where you are to where you need to be for you AND your family.

 Education as to how your body really works!


Education on real nutrition that will help you shed the pounds!


Step by step instruction on safe, moderate exercise that works!


Step by step instructions on how to really change your life!


Over 100 pages of heart healthy recipes that will shed pounds!


Over 230 information and action step driving pages!


...and you can choose to work with us and use the book as your personal guide!



This book has been the text book for patients that are on our $3500 on site program but has been designed and written for people who can’t work directly with us but still want to experience all the benefits that people from all over the country have achieved with our on site and internet programs.

If you order the Tri-for-Life book and then decide to work with us, either on site or through our web based service you will receive 10% off of either program!


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